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"Marketing Yourself"
By Roberta Prescott

"Without promotion something terrible happens - nothing."
P.T. Barnum

Do you think that if you do a good job
your career will blossom all by itself?

You like to think that your track record should speak for itself, but who’s listening? Those who can further your career are too busy juggling their own priorities to worry about yours. You need to be on their radar for more than your once a year performance review. It’s your responsibility to manage your own career.

Get past the negative thinking of “It’s not nice to talk about yourself”, “Shameless self-promotion is offensive” or “I will not change my personality or my values”, because that’s not what marketing yourself is about. Developing a personal marketing plan means letting others know that you add value to a job, and that you’re easy to work with during the process. It’s about changing how people perceive you – word-of-mouth advertising. Here’s a three point plan to get you started.

  1. Define your product
    • What sets you apart from others?
    • What are your personal strengths / talents / accomplishments?
    • How does what you do impact the business?
    • How do you save or make money for the company?
    • What career successes are you proud of?
    • How are you using your skills, and what project are you / have you worked on that showcases them?
    • What do you want to be known for?
      • Anticipating and solving problems before they become crises?
      • Completing projects on time and within budget?
      • Being THE go-to person?
      • Attracting / retaining customers?
      • Condensing technical information?
      • Leading cross functional teams?
      • Expanding the business?

  2. Analyze your market
    • Who needs to know about you and what you’re doing?
      • Your manager?
      • Your manager’s manager?
      • A different manager in another area?
      • HR?
      • A vendor?
      • An internal or external customer?
    • What are their needs – their visions / goals / aspirations?
    • How can you integrate your product with their needs?
    • Once you know their hot buttons, ask yourself what you know do / have done that serves their goals
    • Do your homework. The more you know, the more “points of entry” you have for approaching them and finding ways to get on their radar

  3. Get the word out
    • Let the right people know your value without being too pushy
    • Get recognized for your work
    • Learn how to nurture your relationships through networking (more about this in our next newsletter)
    • Become visible
    • Volunteer for high visibility projects
    • Write about your area of expertise
    • Ask for speaking opportunities at meetings
    • Offer to introduce other speakers

Use the same energy in taking charge of your career as you do in taking charge of your job. Visibility is as important as ability. You can market yourself, remain genuine and be recognized for your true value.


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