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Roberta is a national authority on communication, and was recently honored in Hartford Connecticut by the Hartford Business Journal as one of eight "Remarkable Women in Business."  She recently completed a two-year term as the President of the Connecticut chapter of the International Women's Forum, an invitation-only women's leadership organization with 6800 members in 40 countries. She has personally experienced and solved communication and presentation challenges; as the former Chairman of the Board of the Greater Hartford Convention and Visitors Bureau, and her present and past Board Directorships at St. Francis Hospital, TheaterWorks, Metro Hartford Chamber of Commerce, Teykio Post University and Chair of the Women Executives Committee.  She sees and hears key business leaders present on a regular basis - she knows what works, and what doesn’t.  She understands the importance of Executive Presence in conveying confident leadership and influencing with impact.

Roberta has been a guest lecturer at the Women's Campaign School at Yale Law School, and a lecturer in Marketing at the University of Hartford. She has been quoted in the "New York Times", the "Hartford Courant" and "Bottom Line Magazine" among others and is often a guest on radio and television.

She has spoken to groups as diverse as the National Foundation of Women Legislators, the Law Firm Marketing Association, the American Society for Training and Development, the International Association of Business Communicators and the Miami Forum.

Roberta has a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Drama and Advanced Studies toward her MBA.   



Karin has recently joined The Prescott Group. She is an experienced business executive who has developed and managed national sales and marketing teams within Fortune 500 insurance and health care companies. Her strategic business planning and marketing experience includes new business development, product development and implementing customer service strategies. She has received national recognition and awards for her client relationships and marketing savvy. 

As an executive coach and training professional, Karin developed and taught management programs, directed high potential development for large organizations and worked with Stephen Covey to implement Executive Excellence and The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People national programs. She has been an adjunct professor and guest lecturer for the Yale School of Public Health, University of Hartford, and the University of Connecticut. She has recently authored three books.

Karin has a BA in History, an MA with a concentration in adult development and organization behavior, and has written and delivered leadership training nationwide. She is considered an outstanding coach and trainer by her peers.



Patricia has been with The Prescott Group for 15 years and heads our Executive Coaching Service  In her Executive Coaching role she not only addresses issues of strategic thinking and planning, and leadership development, but also helps executives to strengthen their image so that it matches their ability.  Patricia has a unique ability to quickly build trust, and helps client see the value of behavior options and how to make change. 

She has been a senior executive for a major retail chain, and was the radio and television spokesperson for the chain.  She is also an award-winning theater Director, and has created and produced a dynamic new image for a major NBC Television affiliate, and was the Artistic Director of “Business Networking Made Easy”, a videotape produced by Prescott Productions.

Patricia has also collaborated on The Prescott Group’s newest program, “Communicating For Results”, coached reporters and anchors at a major CBS affiliate, and designed and presented “Speaking To The Media”, a crisis confrontation program for a large utility.



Bob has been with The Prescott Group for 18 years.  His background is in science, marketing and finance.  Bob heads administration and operations;  and co-teaches our Advanced Presentations program.

Bob quickly discovers an individual’s communication potential, spots problems that stand in the way, and motivates an individual to reach their full potential for change and to be the best s/he can be.  He has counseled hundreds of middle and senior executives on strengthening their communication skills, as well as consulting with major corporations on the best ways to present their products and marketing strategies both internally to home office and field personnel and externally to the customer.

He has designed and delivered our “Communication Through Negotiation” program, and is certified to administer and interpret the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).


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